While playing golf, all Golf Society Members and their guests, for whom the relevant Members are responsible, should observe basic golf etiquette by ensuring that –

a) their balls’ pitch marks on the greens are repaired;
b) any divots which they make on tee boxes and fairways are replaced or repaired; and
c) any bunkers which they visit are raked.

It is in the interests of all players to ensure that they do this because no golfers like to find their ball in a footprint in a bunker or in a divot elsewhere and no golfer wants his or her putt diverted off line by rolling over an unrepaired pitch mark. In addition, all Members should avoid slow play, comply with the rules of the golf courses where they play and cooperate with the requests of starters, marshals and other golf course officials. It is important for Members to always play with due regard for the safety of others and, where appropriate to shout “fore” to warn anyone who might be endangered by any stray shots.

Members should also be polite to other golf course users and avoid making undue noise or movements which might disturb others while they play their shots. It is only by playing with good golf etiquette that Golf Society Members can safeguard the Club’s excellent sporting reputation and ensure that golf courses will continue to welcome bookings from both the Golf Society for its events and its individual Members. Thank you for your co-operation in observing the golf etiquette summarized in this notice. 9 January