Some consider a hole-in-one to be the holy grail of golf.  The idea of trying to hit a 1.68 inch diameter golf ball 150 yards into a 4.25 inch diameter hole with an implement  very poorly designed for the task does indeed seem an impossibility.  The quoted odds for an amateur achieving this are a rather daunting 12,500 to one although clearly ability is a factor as the odds drop to around 3,000 to one for tour pros. Whilst many great players have never achieved this feat in a lifetime of golf, there are people who have made it seem surprisingly easy.  62 year old Unni Haskell from Norway for example, took a few golf lessons after she moved to St Petersburg, Florida.  Convinced she had more or less mastered the game, she decided it was time she went on an actual golf course.  Carefully selecting driver for the 100 yard hole, she took dead aim, launched the ball a massive 75 yards through the air, and watched as the first ball she had ever struck on a golf course bounced and dribbled the remaining 25 yards straight into the hole, thereby pretty much proving that she had! Length is not an issue either as proved by Mike Crean who holed out from 517 yards in Denver Colorado.  At over 5000 feet in elevation he was clearly getting some assistance from the thin air, but even so an impressive bash. Age also does not seem to be an excuse for failure as demonstrated by both Jake Paine who scored his first at the tender age of 3, and Harold Stilson who had the pleasure of writing 1 on his scorecard at a youthful 101. Some people have made quite a habit of it such as Norman Manley who claims 59 aces, or the pro Mancil Davis who has a very well documented 51 to his name.  I imagine the golf club bar is packed with hopefuls every time they come in from a round, expecting the traditional free drink.   

With the number of players who have been Golf Society members over the years, you would expect that we have clocked up a few to our credit if only on the “monkeys and typewriters principle” (if you give enough monkeys enough typewriters one of them will eventually type out the complete works of Shakespeare).  After a bit of research it does appear that this is indeed the case. Sadly our Chairman Phil Head has not to date made an ace, although he has achieved the far more difficult task of an Albatross, ie a 2 on a par 5 which he achieved at the 10th hole on Phuket Country Club.  The odds quoted on this feat are around 6 million to one which makes a hole in one seem like child’s play.  What is he waiting for? The same is true for another of our top golfers Jonny Brock who despite having no fewer than 2 Albatrosses at Hindhead Golf Club in Surrey still has not achieved the comparatively simple task of a hole in one. 

HKFC Golf Society Hole In One Honours Board


Name Course Hole Yardage
JP Cuvelier Macau GCC 6 150
  Blue Canyon Phuket (Canyon) 2 200
  Kau Sai Chau South 11 155
Chris Burley Green Valley Rayong 12 128
  Macau GCC 17 150
  Macau GCC 14 196
  Deep Water Bay 7 160
Nick Allen Lotus Hill (for HKFC vs American Club) 2 105
Allan Hoeming Clearwater Bay (in a GS event) 4 156
Elsa Lee Clearwater Bay 11 130
  Angkor Golf Club 17 129
  De Zalze Stellenbosch 12 140
Dallas Reid Chung Shan (Palmer) 13 150
  Cowdray Park 11 110
  Thailand somewhere (Asian Ryder Cup) Too drunk to remember 190
  HKGC New Course 13 130
  Philippines somewhere (squash tour) Too drunk to remember 170
  Emerald Pattaya 13 190
Agatha Hay Hartford (UK) 16 108
Peggy Chan Mission Hills China (Leadbetter Course) 10 97
Steve Lee KSC South 5 134
Gordon Marsden Furness Golf Club Old Links (Cumbria) 6 135
Malou Ferrier Waldie Clearwater Bay (HKFC Event) 16 145
David Lindsay HKGC Eden Course 2 135
Andrew Wood Discovery Bay Jade 3 155
Kien Ng KSC East 15 130