The Committee strongly recommends that anyone playing in a Society event takes out some form of Golf Insurance. This is not yet a compulsory condition of play but it makes sense and is not expensive, typically costing about HK$500 for a year’s cover.

The most important feature is Personal Liability, covering damage or injury to others during play. Coverage varies between policies, but $1-2 million is typically available. It is this element which some golf clubs seek to make a condition of play.

The second important feature is Personal Accident, which might be around $200,000. This is often age related, the policy having an age limit such as 65, or an age related increased premium.

Beyond these features are other personal benefits such as loss or damage to golf equipment or personal effects while travelling and Hole-In-One expenses. Note that for Hole-In-One expenses, it is not uncommon for the insurer to delete the benefit after the first claim!

Some insurers will add golf insurance to a household policy, others offer standalone policies. Agents will typically charge $100 more than the underlying insurer.

Here are some links to a number of insurers for your reference


Blue Cross

American Express



Bank of China


Hang Seng Bank