Event Details

Date: 10/05/2023
Time: All Day
Location: Deep Water Bay Golf Club

Deepwater Bay Golf Club – 10th May ,2023 (Wed) – 4 Club Challenge

Date & Venue: Wednesday 10th May ,2023. Tee times from 10am – 1103 am. 

Venue: Deepwater Bay Golf Club.

No. of Players: 27 players

Competition Format: Individual Stableford with handicap (GHIN will be needed), 3 Clubs + 1 putter challenge!

1)      Places will only be available to paid up members of the HKFC Golf Society.

2)      For social events priority will be given to those members who apply to play in an event and have played the fewest HKFC GS events in the current calendar year.

3)      Dropouts within 48 hours of an event will be deemed to have played in the event as regards selection for future events under Rule 2.  They will also be charged for the event unless a replacement player is found.  Replacements will be sought from all unsuccessful applicants for that event by email and allocated on a first response basis.  If a member drops out TWICE from events, they have been selected for more than 48 hours before, that will also count as having played once.  All “played” and “dropped out” records will start from zero at the start of each calendar year.

Cost: GS Member: HK$455 for green fee

Deadline: 12 noon, Tuesday 2nd May 2023

Transport: Players to travel to Deepwater Bay at own cost.

Prizes TBC

Participating players are urged to stay for the award ceremony held at the veranda, or risk forfeiting any prizes that you may have won.

To qualify for Stableford competition, GS members must have a Current GHIN Handicap, i.e. All scorecards entered with at least 1 card being submitted in the past 6 months and at least 3 cards being submitted in the past 12 months.  All your scores need to be submitted, if it is known that your latest round has not been updated you will be automatically disqualified from all competitions of the day and may affect future competitions.

All cancellation requests are to be sent to [email protected] only, to avoid any missed communication.

For registration, please go to http:hkfcgolf.com.hk and complete the online registration form for this event. Please note you must fill in ALL the details for your registration to be submitted.

William Chan
Golf Event Organiser


Bookings are closed for this event.